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Chuck Eye Beef

The chuck eye steak comes from the upper shoulder of the calf, the area that butchers call chuck primal. Known for flavorful roasts, chuck cuts generally benefit from low and slow cooking methods. But because the chuck eye includes a few inches of tender long dorsal muscle, its main component , it can withstand the high-temperature cooking methods most appropriate for steaks. Tender Rib eyes come from the sixth through twelfth rib of veal; butchers cut the chuck eye from the fifth rib. This proximity means that the chuck eye steak shares many of the characteristics of. Although chuck eye steaks are not always available – there are only two per calf – they tend to be a budget-friendly cut of meat when you can find them.


Cook the chuck eye steaks quickly over high heat, as you would a rib-eye or other prime rib. Pay close attention, though – an overcooked chuck eye becomes dry and tough. Preheat your grill to high heat and brush the grates with oil. Place the chuck eye steaks on the grill and grill for 4 to 5 minutes per side for medium-rare. If you like the meat more well done, add 1 to 2 minutes per side and remove from the heat when it reaches 60-62 ᵒC, the typical temperature for medium. Cooking beyond medium is not recommended, as the steak will become tough. Cover the steak with a tablespoon of herb butter and serve.



Is chuck eye the same as Ribeye?

The chuck eye is taken from the 5th rib of the animal, while the Rib Eye is taken from the 6th-12th rib. Rib Eye is easy to find in almost any supermarket or restaurant, while chuck eye is usually only found in butcher shops. Chuck eye is a great cut for slower cooking, while ribeye can be cooked easily.

Is chuck eye steak tough?

No, the beef chuck eye steak is a tender steak that offers a meaty, beefy flavour.

What Does Chuck Eye Steak Taste Like?

A chuck eye steak may not be as tender as the Rib Eye steaks next door, but it offers meaty beef flavour. Don’t be shy with the pepper and spices. Brush the steak well on both sides, then leave it uncovered in the refrigerator for two hours until a crust forms on the meat.