Products of Koutsioftis' Farm

The tradition, the passion and the know-how of Koutsioftis Farm have resulted in unique beef products of excellent quality and unique taste, without additives, hormones and antibiotics.


Black Angus Burger Ελληνικο Φαρμα Κουτσιωφτη

Black Angus Burger

Delicious burger made from 100% selected fresh Black Angus beef, extremely tasty and healthy

Premium Beef Black Angus Tomahawk Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece

Black Angus Tomahawk

One of the most impressive cuts of a calf due to the great weight and size of the steak bone

Premium Beef Black Angus RibEye Greek Farma koutsioftis

Black Angus Rib Eye

The steaks served by top chefs and restaurants around the world! Tender, juicy Ribeye


Premium Beef Black Angus Striploin Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece


Striploin steak, also known as sirloin, is found on the back of the back of the calf following the short loin.

Premium Beef Black Angus Tenderloin Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece

Tenderloin Fillet

Tenderloin (fillet, bon filet) uncut fresh from fine Greek beef.

Premium Beef Black Angus Picanha Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece


Basically it is a triangular cut in the "tail" of the cow and if the animal is old and well-reared it has a corresponding layer of fat.



It consists of the first 'counter' steaks with mignon fillet. It takes its name from the characteristic 'T' bone that forms between the steak and the fillet.

Uncooked t-bone or porterhouse steak seasoned with salt and spices with fresh herbs with a glass of whiskey above


Porterhouse come from the back of the small fillet, where the fillet is thicker. The result is a large, heavy cut steak

Premium Beef Black Angus Ossobuco Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece


The ossobuco, which in Italian means bone with a hole in it, takes its name from the characteristic shape of the piece of beef shank, the mouse we all know but cut into a slice with the bone and marrow.

Premium Beef Black Angus Brisket Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece


When we say brisket, we mean the calf's breast.The calf's breast is a large piece of the animal that consists of two muscles, one dry and one fatty, separated by a layer of fat.

farma koutsioftis mprizola Prime Rib steak raw

Prime Rib

Prime rib, also known as standing rib , is the undisputed king when you've decided you want to grill a big piece of meat.

Premium Beef Black Angus Tri Tip Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece

Tri Tip

The Tri-tip is located on the posterior part of the back of the calf. It is a fine piece of boneless bone, with external fat and internal muscle lateral fibres.

Premium Beef Black Angus Chuck Eye Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece

Chuck Eye

Chuck Eye or spalobrizzola is a fetish of the meat-eating fanatics in Greece.

Premium Beef Black Angus Chuck Roll Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece

Chuck Roll

A chuck roll steak comes from a piece of the neck of a young calf. It is a piece of beef with medium-fat and soft fibers.

Premium Beef Black Angus Flank Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece

Flank Steak

Flank Steak comes from the belly of the calf, under the 'short loin'. This is a well-exercised part of the calf, which makes it less tender but particularly tasty due to its fatty structure.

Premium Beef Black Angus Flap Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece

Flap Steak (Bavette)

The Flap Steak is a cut with a very intense meaty taste. It has an anarchic structure and is rich in intramuscular fat. A tender and tasty meat that tastes similar to the equally rich tasting Ribeye.

Premium Beef Black Angus skirt Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece

Skirt Steak

Skirt is one of the tastiest cuts of beef and although objectively considered a tough cut, with a lot of binder, it is still of course an excellent "steak" for grilling.

Premium-Beef-Black-Angus-Topside-Cap-on-Steak-Farma-koutsioftis-Greece (1)

Topside Cap Off

Piece of the round cut coming from the hindquarter without fat or nerves.

Premium Beef Black Angus Chuck Tender Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece

Chuck Tender

This large piece of meat comes from the shoulder area and yields cuts known for their rich, beefy flavor. Perfect for slow cooking as well as more tender, grill-ready cuts like Flat Iron Steak.

Premium Beef Black Angus Spider Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece

Spider Steak

In Australia they call it spider steak which suits it perfectly because of the radial and complex arrangement of its fat.

Premium Beef Black Angus Eye Round Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece

Eye Round (Νουά)

The back of the thigh. Also suitable for a formal table. It is usually served whole and is ideal for cooking in the pot (braised, lemon, pot roast). After cooking, it is easily sliced into thin slices.

Premium Beef Black Angus Knuckle Round Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece


This particular piece is on the front of the thigh and reaches down to the knee. It is cooked exactly like panties, only with less fat. Because of its high collagen content, it is suitable for tying the sausages in the pot.

Premium Beef Black Angus Assado Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece


It is a rectangular piece, which can be cooked whole or cut into small squares of 5×5cm.

Premium Beef Black Angus Tortuga Steak Farma koutsioftis Greece


This cut fits like a glove in the archetypal Sunday stew, in a stew, in a wine stew or in a lemon stew.

Commitment to high quality in every piece of meat

The unique diet strengthens animal muscles with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. It has been proven that “Perfume” meat contains 6 times more omega-3 fatty acids than conventional beef.



Fatty acids


Vitamin E