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Porterhouse Beef

A porterhouse is a complex steak that comes from the place where Tenderloin and Striploin meet. If you remove the bone and cut the two steaks that make up the porterhouse, you have a Tenderloin steak and a Striploin steak. The main difference between T-bone and Porterhouse is that in the former the tenderloin is smaller while in the latter it tends to be closer to the size of the opposite muscle (Striploin).


For the perfect medium-rare porterhouse steak, cook for 10-13 minutes for a 2.5 cm steak and 14-17 minutes for a 4 cm steak, turning about 1 minute before halfway through cooking. The meat thermometer should read 55°C.


INFORMATION FOR Porterhouse Beef

Is porterhouse a good steak?

In terms of its flavor profile, porterhouse is considered one of the highest quality cuts available, which means it needs very few touches to provide a delicious meal.

What is the difference between Porterhouse and T-bone?

These two steaks are a continuation of each other. The T-bone steak is preceded in position by the Porterhouse. Given that the Tenderloin extends in the opposite direction to the animal’s conformation (the head of the tenderloin is at the back and the tail at the front), the original T-bone steaks have a smaller piece of tenderloin, while the Porterhouse steaks have a larger piece, as well as a similar conformation to the muscle on the other side of the characteristic T-shaped bone.

Why is porterhouse steak expensive?

The porterhouse steak is expensive because it contains a large quantity of one of the most expensive cuts of beef.